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Our Mission

Trey is a youth sports nonprofit on a mission: We empower high school athletes to be leaders, role models, and influential voices for their communities.

Trey empowers athletes to succeed in three ways:

  1. By offering a no-cost, hands-on program for high school athletes to build leadership skills (temporarily postponed due to safety concerns re: COVID-19)
  2. By offering a no-cost, virtual programming series for high school athletes everywhere
  3. By building tools and doing research to help athletes and their families make better decisions.

The Three Pillars of Trey Programming

Trey Academy Leadership Development Program
Through in-person workshops that incorporate former college and pro athletes as mentors, Trey teaches high school athletes how to make informed college decisions, build a well-rounded identity outside of sports, transfer sport-based leadership skills into post-sport life, and leverage their immense influence to create positive community change. Trey also provides programming for the parents/guardians of Trey Athletes, creating a community to help them raise healthy, well-rounded, successful kids.

Using our proprietary Trey curriculum, Trey Athletes meet with their cohort to complete interactive workshops facilitated by Trey staff and mentors. Through discussions dedicated to team-building, personal identity, time and personal brand management, mental and emotional health, college major and career exploration, mock interviews, and community responsibility, Trey Athletes build a toolkit for success – while also gaining the confidence and sense of responsibility to use their platform as athletes to positively impact their communities.

Selected through a competitive application process, Trey Mentors are representative role models thoroughly prepared to make a positive impact in the lives of Trey Athletes. For every workshop or event, Trey Mentors receive prepared content to guide structured discussions with Trey Athletes. As former college or pro athletes, our mentors have firsthand experience with the challenges and opportunities unique to elite competition, and they’ve successfully transitioned sport-specific skills into their post-sport careers and lives.

As validated by our post-program impact surveys, 97% of Trey Athletes have shown an increase in social-emotional learning, 87% of Trey Athletes have shown an increase in college & career exposure, and 100% of Trey Athletes have shown an increase in community & family engagement. In short, Trey programming results in high school athletes who have more knowledge, skills, and interest in succeeding through sport and lifting up their communities in the process.

Trey SZN 3 Virtual Programming Series
Subsequent to the onset of COVID-19, Trey pivoted online, hosting nine virtual job shadows, two social events, and two Fireside Chats with Dallas Mavericks point guard Jalen Brunson and the legend Dirk Nowitzki – view the full conversations here.

In order to serve high school athletes everywhere, Trey is partnering with high school and club coaches to offer no-cost virtual programming and enrichment opportunities to high school athletes across DFW, the state of Texas, and beyond. Through Zoom webinars, teams will participate in virtual Fireside Chats with professional athletes and industry leaders; afterward, coaches will lead in-depth team debrief discussions utilizing Trey-prepared materials; Trey will also organize job shadows for athletes to explore careers; and coaches will be supported in organizing team community service events to give back to the community.

As a result, athletes will develop leadership skills, build confidence in their college decision/recruitment/transition processes, and use their platforms as athletes to positively impact their communities. Additionally, coaches will prepare their athletes for life after sport, improve team leadership both on and off the court or field, establish stronger bonds between players, improve their coaching and leadership skills, and gain recognition as a Trey Athletes Coach.

Teams are welcome from any sport or location. Nominate a coach, athletic director, or enroll your team today!

Discussion topics to be covered in the Trey virtual programming series include:

  1. Building an identity outside of sports
  2. Resilience and overcoming failure
  3. Athlete mental health and wellbeing
  4. Applying leadership skills learned through sports
  5. The business of sports
  6. The college decision and transition processes & balancing school and sport
  7. Race and sports – focusing on racial equity and social justice
  8. The history of athletes as social influencers
  9. The community responsibility of athletes today

Tools & Research
Additionally, Trey works on behalf of athletes everywhere, providing high school athletes and their families with the tools to help them make better decisions. By utilizing objective, fact-based data in conjunction with student surveys, esteemed research partners, and industry thought leaders, Trey creates systemic transparency in the college decision and transition processes to the benefit of all athletes, families, and communities.

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Our Story

A Letter from Trey Athletes’ Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Rebecca Feickert
I was born and raised in Goodrich, North Dakota, a tiny farming town of fewer than 100 people. Including me, there were two of us in my high school graduating class. And from early on, I was obsessed with basketball. Little did I know, the game would miraculously change my life…twice.

I leveraged a homemade highlight film into a full basketball scholarship at the University of Kansas. There, I earned a BS and MS in Accounting as a first generation college student. After graduation, I obtained my CPA license and gained six years of experience in New York, Switzerland, and Bolivia working in public accounting, private equity, and sport-for-development for EY, Partners Group, and A Ganar, respectively.

In 2014, I was shocked to realize that many of my athlete peers were struggling emotionally and financially in life after sport. Determined to help other athletes avoid the same fate, I packed up and moved to Boston to attend Harvard Business School. While earning my MBA, I was blessed with an ever-growing number of team members obsessed with understanding and solving the problem of competitive athletes failing to realize their potential. After over two years of research and solution-testing, our efforts culminated in the 2018 launch of Trey Athletes, a nonprofit leadership development and college preparation program for top high school athletes.

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