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The Silver Lining of COVID-19 Cancellations

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Student-athletes were already confused about their identity. Then coronavirus cancellations hit. The Big 10. The Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference. The Ivy League. In the weeks leading up to the fall semester, college athletic conferences announced canceled seasons like gongs of a death toll.  The Southwestern Athletic Conference. The Northeast-10 Conference. The New England Small College Athletic Conference. Division I, II, and …

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Cultivating a Resilient Mindset

In Life Skills by Rebecca FeickertLeave a Comment

Joel walked into his dorm room and threw his backpack on the bed. It had been a frustrating day. It started with a 5:15 AM alarm. After forcing down a piece of toast and shuffling to the gym, Joel completed his first conditioning workout of the day. It was late July, and preseason workouts have been really difficult. In high …

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Good athlete? You’d make a great employee.

In Life Skills by Trey Athletes5 Comments

How I realized that playing basketball made me better at everything else. When I was a kid, there were two things I loved: basketball, and learning. I used to play basketball until my arms and face were coated in sticky sweat, and then go up to my room to read aloud to my stuffed animals (they were great listeners). When …