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Winning the NBA Most Valuable Player in 2007 and the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player in 2011, signature fade-away jump shot legend Dirk Nowitzski led the Dallas Mavericks to 15 playoff appearances and an NBA Championship title in 2011. No one can deny the impact that Dirk had, not only on the court but also off of the court, as a player and a person. Even through retirement, he continues to be a key figure in many athletes’ lives, seeking to self-improve and help those around him.
But how did he get there? Here are 5 tips for success from the man himself!

  • 1. Finding a Mentor
    Even for someone as passionate for the game as Dirk, he explains that having someone who understands you personally as a player and person is extremely important. They are the anchor to help you when you’re lost on what to do but also holds you accountable for your goals.
  • Finding a Mentor
  • 2. Building a Foundation
    Dirk emphasizes that at the start of any career, it’s important to recognize what you love to do, building up your repertoire of skills and connections to make sure later on you have the ability to pursue those passions.
  • 3. Be Willing to Give Back
    A big part of Dirk’s life is helping others in his community. He speaks about his endless support and passion for those in need, donating as much as he can to aid those who need it. As a player, it’s easy to forget about this, but Dirk stresses the importance of it for character development.
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  • 4. The Journey Never Ends
    As Dirk says, you can always become a better player on and off the court. Life never stops becoming a constant lesson, and it’s your job to take it into your hands and grow into the player you strive to become.
  • 5. Be Yourself
    Perhaps the most important characteristic that gave way to Dirk’s fame is his cheerful, humble attitude. He says that he tries to be himself no matter what, on or off the court. By making the right decisions, and correcting the wrong ones (since no one is perfect), one can find themselves undoubtably cherished by fans and those around them.
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Although we covered a lot of how Dirk got to where he is now, the full story is yet to be uncovered. If you haven’t watched the full fireside chat, click the link below to soak it all in!

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