Trey Athletes launches new College Athlete Survey in partnership with CSRI

Dallas, Tx (December 27, 2019) – Trey Athletes is partnering with the College Sport Research Institute (CSRI) on a new survey designed to benefit college athletes nationwide.

The new survey is being launched across the United States and will gather valuable insights from thousands of current and former college athletes regarding their overall college experience. The information will be used to benefit high school athletes who are making decisions regarding which college or university to attend.

Trey Athletes and CSRI will combine the survey responses with data from other college athlete research findings to produce a comprehensive report unlike any resource previously available to young people. The information will help high school students make informed choices and come into college more prepared to succeed, leading to better futures.

“This project directly fuels our mission to empower athletes everywhere to be leaders, role models, and influential voices for their communities,” said Trey Athletes Co-Founders Brian Reynolds and Rebecca Feickert. ”Trey Athletes is excited and humbled by the opportunity to partner with CSRI and Work & Co., who are our survey technology partners.”

Unlike college athletic surveys currently conducted by the NCAA and others, findings from this new research will be made available to prospective college athletes to help them navigate the complexities of deciding what university might be best for their academic, athletic and personal goals.

The survey is being disseminated by Trey Athletes and was designed in collaboration with CSRI, which is based at the University of South Carolina and is the nation’s leading research institute dedicated to college sport in the United States.

CSRI Director Richard M. Southall said, “CSRI is proud to assist with this groundbreaking research project. This project is consistent with a core component of CSRI’s mission of building research capacity in order to investigate college sport issues.”

The survey is now available for college athletes to take online at For more information on Trey Athletes, visit For more information on CSRI, visit


Trey Athletes

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The College Sport Research Institute

Based at the University of South Carolina’s College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management, the College Sport Research Institute leads interdisciplinary, collaborative college-sport research, serves as a research consortium for college-sport researchers from across the United States, and disseminates college-sport research results to academics, college-sport practitioners and the general public. The center provides opportunities for independent, organized and focused cross-disciplinary research regarding college sport in the United States. Specifically, CSRI is committed to serving as a national clearinghouse for college sports research, building research capacity into issues in college sport. The center also hosts an annual conference that brings hundreds of scholars, student athletes and industry leaders together to drive innovation and advancement through knowledge sharing, collaboration and discovery. Learn more at