Rebecca Feickert
CEO & Co-Founder

Rebecca is a tax expert turned social entrepreneur passionate about using sport for social good.

Originally from a rural North Dakota town of fewer than 100 people, Rebecca leveraged a homemade highlight film into a full basketball scholarship at the University of Kansas. There, she earned a BS and MS in Accounting as a first-generation college student.

After graduation, Rebecca obtained her CPA license and gained six years of experience in New York, Switzerland, and Bolivia working in public accounting, private equity, and sport-for-development for EY, Partners Group, and A Ganar, respectively.

In 2014, Rebecca was shocked to realize that many of her athlete peers were struggling emotionally and financially in life after sport. Determined to help other athletes avoid the same fate, Rebecca moved to Boston to attend Harvard Business School. While earning her MBA, Rebecca became obsessed with understanding and solving the problem of competitive athletes failing to realize their potential.

After over two years of research and solution-testing, Team Trey’s efforts culminated in the 2018 launch of Trey Athletes. Rebecca resides in Dallas, where she is a Presidential Leadership Scholar and Draper Richards Kaplan Entrepreneur.

Timothy Erps
Tim comes from Northeastern University with a degree in Chemical Engineering and experience in programming. After Northeastern, he joined Firefly Bioworks, a small MIT startup where he worked on developing an automated manufacturing and order management system. Currently he works with Nomic, a Canadian startup looking to help accelerate life science discovery. Tim’s experience in database design and development combined with his dedication to athletic, educational, and personal excellence are crucial for ensuring that Trey’s efforts are constantly measured, evaluated, and improved.

Lajoi Royston
Program Director
LaJoi is a professional educator with a multitude of experience in urban education. She has a passion for helping young people realize their full potential and has been doing so for several years. Her background in teaching, curriculum development, academic advising, research and educational leadership brings a unique set of skills to the Trey Team. LaJoi earned a Masters in Curriculum Studies from DePaul University as well as a Masters in Psychology from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. These experiences have led her to Trey as the Program Director where she helps position Trey as the premier provider of age-appropriate content for its athletes.